Cornell University

Ling 7712 Graduate seminar on Morphosyntax (with Miloje Despic), Spring (2nd) semester, 2016

Ling 2248/6248 Native American Languages (with Sarah Murray), Spring (2nd) semester, 2016

McGill University

Ling 201 Introduction to Linguistics, Summer intensive course, May, 2015

Guest Lectures

Cornell University

Mellon Diversity Seminar: “Why study First Nations languages”, College of the Humanities, October, 21st, 2015

McGill University

Ling 675/775 Seminar in Syntax: Long-Distance Agreement, March 26th, 2015

Ling201 Introduction to Linguistics: Phrase structure and movement, October 31st, 2013

Ling417/692 Topics at the Interfaces I: Prosody and Intonation, Guest Lecture, Syntax-Prosody mapping in Japanese, April 2nd, 2013

Teaching Assistant

McGill University

2014, Winter. Ling 371 Syntax 1, Professor: Lisa De Mena Travis.

2013, Fall. Ling201 Introduction to Linguistics,  Jessica Coon, and Alexandra Simonenko.

2013, Winter. Ling200 Introduction to the Study of Language, Maire Noonan.

2012, Fall. Ling201 Introduction to Linguistics, Alex Drummond, and Jozina Vander Klock.

2012, Winter.  Ling200 Introduction to the Study of Language, Maire Noonan.

2011, Fall. Ling201 Introduction to Linguistics, Junko Shimoyama and Bethany Lochbihler.

Carleton University

2010, Winter. Ling1002 Introduction to Linguistics II,  Trudy O’Brien.

2009, Fall. Ling1001 Introduction to Linguistics I, Masako Hirotani.

ESL/EFL Instructor

09/2008 – 03/2010: English as a second language instructor in Canada (Carleton CTESL practicum)

10/2002 – 03/2008: English as a foreign language instructor in Japan.